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Where would you like to go this Valentine’s Day?

That time of the year has almost rolled around again, no no not Christmas, don't worry 2022 hasn't gone that quickly! I am referring to Valentine's day, that important time of the year where husbands, boyfriends and lovers all round the world are put to the test. I hope you could sense my sarcasm, as I am sure most of us regard Valentine's Day as a good excuse to get dressed up, spend some quality time with your significant other and embrace the romantic energy in the air day to day. =)

If the dressing up and romantic vibes in the air sounds more like how you would like to spend your Valentine's day then good news - keep reading, as this is our complete Valentine’s Day lifestyle & fashion guide for however you may be planning to spend your Valentine's Day. xx 


Wine Tour with Willow 

Wine tour at Batch Winery in Waiheke

Don't freak out, I am not suggesting you bring a girl named Willow on your date, but instead I’m suggesting our gorgeous maxi tiered dress that is bound to get your man blushing. Our Willow Dress in Rose definitely brings that romantic energy and moves with such grace as you walk. Perhaps the Wine tour at Batch Winery in Waiheke is the perfect setting for you. This dress combines femininity and comfort perfectly with its flowy fit and three tiered maxi skirt that begin at the waist, creating an elongated and elegant figure. These features are what makes this dress ideal for a day of vineyard hopping, wine sipping and spending time with your other half as it ensures that you can look good, feel good and focus on the moment even down to that last sip. 

Styling our Willow Dress in Rose:


Our team at Stitch Ministry loves how styling a garment can completely change the look and create something unique and fun. Our Willow Dress in Rose is a fashionista’s dream. The gorgeous Rose colour creates a great base to add natural accessories or if you are feeling brave bring in a complimentary colour - we loved pairing it with blues and reds, for example. In the context of a wine tour date for Valentines day, wearing some wedges or sandals will probably be best juuust in case we get a little tipsy! Add on a sweet hat and some sunnies because, you know… #protection!

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Outfit composition: Willow Dress in Rose + Wedge sandals + Antler Headband + Duffle&Co The Josie Crossbody in Blush + Wicken Jewellery The Baby Love Nest Ring 


Babes at the Beach

A romantic picnic at your fave beach

Who doesn't enjoy a beach picnic! Why not go all out with a grazing board, some chilled wine and a stunning outfit to make your valentine's day special. A beach picnic creates a great opportunity to pretend like you are overseas on the coast of Bali or Hawaii and really get that escape we all need. To bring those holiday vibes to life, our Ruby Dress is here to help. Miss Ruby comes in White and a Paisley print which are both perfect for the beach scene. The Ruby Dress is a gorgeous maxi dress style with adjustable tie up straps which is topped off with a little tassel for that added bohemian look. This dress is fully lined with a satin-feel slip, which is super comfortable and cooling on the skin.

Styling our Ruby Dress in White: 


An additional style element that this dress has is the waist tie. This element can be used to add structure to the look by cinching you in at the waist creating an hourglass effect. Or, it can be taken off for that more flowy and beachy look. Play around with the positions of the tassels too, some people like them tied on top of the shoulders, others prefer a more subtle look and tie them more to the back. 

Without the belt: creates a floaty & relaxed look

With the belt: creates a bit more shape, can assist in portraying a more formal look and adding in some accessories to push that.

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Outfit inspo: Ruby Dress in White + Duffle&Co The Reese Pouch in Grey + Antler NZ hat + Wicken Jewellery Baby Star & Moon Hoop Earrings + Flats


Love birds get Lunch

Long Lunch date at Soul Bar, Auckland Viaduct

We have the perfect outfit in mind for a nice lunch date with your significant other. Now, this doesn’t have to be with a romantic partner….your partner in crime could be your best friend, your mother or father, anyone that makes you feel loved! Our Sunset Blouse in White & Grace Skirt in Multi Print worn together creates a sweet and warm feeling that matches that energy when you’re surrounded by the people you love! These pieces are just the perfect staples for a lovely lunch date that can facilitate both classy and casual styles. Spend as much time out as possible. We want to hear your angelic laughter! Hope your other lover is as funny as I am ;)

Styling our Sunset Blouse and Grace Skirt in Multi Print


Match these with some jewellery, our Wicken collection in store is just gorgeous, bring out that inner Goddess! Add in some sandals, or heels and you create a more luxurious mood. Or, pair with some sneakers and a crossbody bag, and you portray a stylish, yet effortlessly refreshing look.

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Outfit composition: Sunset Blouse in White & Grace Skirt in Multi print + Duffle& Co The Zahra Bag in Vintage Tan + Wicken Songbird Ring and Earrings set + strap Heels or sandals 


Ready for the Fine Dining Scene

Dinner at Sidart Restaurant:

Why not feel your best goddess version of yourself this Valentine’s dinner? You deserve it! Have an amazing dining out experience at Sidart, their fine dining menu is to die for and the one rule is; don’t think about work! Finish the evening in our gorgeous flowy Lexi Dress in Spice. The elegant and feminine elements of this dress will definitely get some heads turning. The beautiful flow of this dress as you move will make you feel so empowered and confident. 

Styling our Lexi Dress in Spice


You’ll see how flattering this dress is on the hips and around the waist. This unique colour looks really gorgeous on, you’ll see! Wear the stunning Songbird Ring and Earrings set by Wicken Jewellery, heels and one of our Duffle&Co’s Reese pouches that will really ‘spice’ things up. No pun intended ;)

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 Outfit composition: Lexi Dress in Spice + Duffle&Co The Reese Pouch in Vintage Tan + Wicken Jewellery Songbird Ring and Earrings + Heels


Home is where the Heart is

Date night at home:

Now, home doesn’t have to be a house, it can be a place or someone close to you that is your home, you belong there. If you haven’t got any plans to go out this Valentine’s, then have a little date at home with your loved one. Get dressed up and have fun! You can create your own setting, light some candles, play some Marvin Gaye….joking…unless? Haha, whatever makes you feel comfortable and in the moment. Speaking of comfort, our Ella Top in Gold and Drape Skirt in Black are just the things you need to accommodate that desire for comfort and classiness. 

Styling our Ella Top in Gold & Drape Skirt in Black:


Style it up with a petite bag and flats, if you’re visiting someone elsewhere, and you’ve sorted a pleasant outfit! The Baby Bat Pendant and Earrings from Wicken Jewellery are something to glam it up a bit and bring some fun into the fit too! What’s on the menu for Monday night Valentine’s? Maybe some delicious pasta so it can get...saucy ;)

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Outfit composition: Ella Top in Gold + Drape Skirt in Black + Wicken Jewellery Baby Bat Pendant & Earrings + Flats


Who Let The Girls Out?

Galentine’s Cocktails at Rooftop Bar at QT Hotel:


Hehe, don’t we just get up to all sorts of cheeky activities with the babes! Go out with the girls if there's a few singles in the group, it’s important we support each other because, well, fries over guys, right? Our matching Cami Top and Tapered Pant in Bronze is just so perfect for you, girl boss! Pop the matching Bronze in our Bomber Jacket on the shoulders and some heels and dang, you will look hot! Rooftop at QT is just the setting for that too and you girls need that fabulous view!

Styling our Bronze Matching Set - Cami Top + Tapered Pant + Bomber Jacket


Pop our matching Bomber Jacket in Bronze over your shoulders and some heels and dang, this will look bomb! Literally, with the Bomber Jacket, lol. We’re just wanting to highlight your hotness because you’re already SO HOT! This outfit also looks best with a clutch in your hand. Add the Duffle&Co Reese Pouch in Black, and to match, the Supreme Ring and Witch Hat Pendant by Wicken Jewellery, both set in protective Onyx - these will definitely complete your whole boss-girl look! 

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Outfit composition: Cami Top & Tapered Pant in Bronze + Bomber Jacket in Bronze over the shoulders + Duffle&Co The Reese Pouch in Black + Wicken Jewellery The Supreme Ring + Heels 


We hope these tips will make you look and feel the best version of yourself this Valentine's =)

Let us know in the comments below which settings and looks would you pick?


Team Stitch.